About LPS

Lightning Protection System Sdn Bhd

Lightning Protection System Sdn Bhd (LPS) was established in 1995. From a lightning protection trading house with provision of consultancy services, LPS ventured into designing and manufacturing of its own Surge Protective (SPD). In 2006, LPS achieved ISO 9001 certification. Today, LPS is a leading lightning protection manufacturing and consulting company in Malaysia with associated companies located in most parts of Asia.

LPS SPD Innovation and Quality

LPS' commitment in providing the latest product technology comes with the assurance of high quality components for a performance that is matched by complete reliability. Similarly, its exacting demands for quality are also demonstrated by a 5-year warranty on all of its products. Stringent quality assurance procedures include regular inspections at all stages of production, compliance with type specifications, process capabilities of production equipment, measurement accuracy, test methodology and equipment.

At LPS we believe in:

  • Exceeding Customer Expectations:  We believe in meeting or even exceeding customers' expectations on product quality, timely delivery, service and value-engineering. 
  • Performance & Quality at Its Best: Our demand on quality extends to our suppliers who ensure the highest standards of parts are used because we believe in excellent performance and uncompromised quality of our products.
  • Research & Development: We take our profession seriously to provide the best technology in the industry by continuous research and development and overall improvement on processes.
  • Trained & Skilled Support: Our staffs are fully trained in all areas of their responsibilities to provide the best level of skilled and professional support that our clients deserve.

Products & Services

Products offered by LPS are some of the broadest in the industry that ranges from direct lightning protection to Surge Protective Device (SPD) for power system and communication line.

LPS Surge Protective Device
The LPS Surge Protective Devices (SPD) are made in Malaysia and engineered with state-of-the-art Australia technology. All LPS products are housed in fail-safe metal enclosures to provide maximum safety against fire hazards. LPS SPD offers 5 years product warranty against electrical surge including those caused by lightning.

EI Lightning Protection System
EI is the advanced Electrically-Isolated lightning protection system that protects structures and open areas without side-flashing, electrification of structures, touch and transferred potential.  

LPS EI 200 Lightning Terminal intercepts lightning discharges and is estimated to withstand high impulse currents of up to 200,000A.  From the EI 200 Lightning Terminal, the lightning current is then discharged to ground safely via a uniquely designed EI 5038 lightning cable.  EI 610 Lightning Strike Counter will keep track of the number of lightning discharges intercepted by the lightning protection system.  With an Independent or Isolated Lightning Earth, potential danger posed by the lightning energy from being converted into surges will be greatly minimised.

As a specialist in comprehensive lightning protection, we carry only world-leading products that have proven reliability. Most have become a hallmark of distinction in quality and performance as a result of superior design and robust construction, making them a standard requirement for critical installations worldwide.

Our other areas of services include:

  • Technology and training seminars
  • Custom-made systems, site inspections and consultancy are available upon request.

Professional Assurance

We support electrical consulting engineers, architects and contractors through our extensive product documentation and specification guidelines. Continuous training of our reseller channel partners further maximizes this extensive support. The management team comprises of fully qualified professionals with extensive hands-on experience and expertise.

Together with its well-trained support staff, LPS provides sterling service and solutions that meets your demanding quality power needs.

Your peace of mind – it’s worth protecting too.


Lightning in a bottle

The Star: 8 October 2018

A NEAR-death experience on a regular working day opened Mak Ming Hung’s eyes to a business opportunity.

“Lightning protection should be a business!” he exclaims, not so much to make a profit of the situation but to provide easier access to those who were looking for such solutions.

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